Development Stack

I would choose to use a Cross-Platform Stack, specifically React Notice for my app. I would choose this because my client has a limited budget, I feel this…


Search engine optimization Marketing Social Media Marketing Display Marketing Mobile Marketing Pay-per-click Marketing I have chosen search engine optimization as my first marketing tool because there is a…

Moderated Testing

Five-Act Interview Script: “Thanks for coming in today! Your honest feedback is so helpful for us in improving our product.” “We’ll keep our interview pretty informal. I’ll be…

Unmoderated Testing

I would use Tree testing to test my mobile application. This method would allow me to find out if and where my users are having trouble using the…


Mood Board

Project Brief

Budget Project Brief Estimate


User Needs Statements: Mary, a private pilot, needs a way to make flight planning quicker and easier so she can spend more time doing what she actually enjoys,…


Project Manager Create and communicate project plan, schedule and budget assign tasks and deadlines schedule frequent check ins manage project scope contribute to client proposals and quotes provide…


Entertainment: Netflix Netflix makes money from paid subscriptions to their site.


Saas: Slack I think makes money by using the loss leader strategy, offering a free version of the site in hopes people will subscribe to paid options.